Kenting Sky House Party

“Kenting National Forest Recreation Area” presents new “Spring Scream” to break the world’s number one record! The 330-meter-high “Sky Party” is landing in Kenting, refreshing the heights and perspectives of Taiwan’s music festivals during spring break!

Can you imagine a music festival at the highest point of Kenting overlooking a 360-degree view of the sunset over the sea?

Did you know that “high-altitude parties” are popular now all over the world, bringing music to mountain tops and cliff sides?

During the spring break in April 2023, the “Kenting National Forest Recreation Area” and the “Lamech Holistic Education Association” will jointly host a three-day “Sky House Party” named “Gaia Dancer” at the top floor of the iconic “Seaview Tower” in Kenting, surrounded by the mountains and the sea. This party will bring an unforgettable music experience featuring classic House music from the 90’s Organ House, to Progressive House, and all the way to Future House, making it the first-ever classic House music party in Taiwan.

After undergoing a three-year restoration, the the ocean view tower will once again open its doors for a unique Sky Party over the height of the forest canopy . This event is considered the most compelling music party since Spring Scream left Hengchun several years ago.
GADUGADU Brunch, a culinary operated by the Huatian Hotel Group, providing Southern-style cuisine to complement the world-class landscape. The extraordinary combination promises to offer Kenting visitors an unforgettable experience.
In addition to traditional band performances, music festivals, and concerts, Kenting visitors will have a more innovative and unique option to choose from during the spring break of 2023 


Ticketing Information:

The Sky House Party will take place during the spring break holiday on 4/3, 4/4, and 4/5, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm ( 4/5 until 5:00 pm only) at  Sea view Tower in the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area. Party ticket holders can enjoy a 10% discount on GADUGADU Brunch on the sixth floor of Seaview Tower. For guests staying at Gloria Manor and Chateau Beach Resort accommodations, you can register on-site and receive a pre-sale price of NT$280.

Party schedule:

2023/4/3 ,15:00-18:00
2023/4/4 ,15:00-18:00
2023/4/5 ,15:00-17:00

Discounted Ticket

“Sky House Party” Discounted Ticket for Hengchun Residents: half price at NT$190,
only available for the events on April 4th to 5th.
Please bring
personal ID on-site  ;  additional fees will be charged if no ID indicates your local residence.

“Sky House Party” Club Discount Ticket (subject to review):

Early bird price at 30% off,NT$266

on-site price at 20% off, NT$304.

Only available for the events on April 4th to 5th.

(The above ticket prices include  the entrance of the party 
one bottle of water, one bottle of juice,

and one K. N.F. R. A.hand-painted foldable fan per day,

but do not include admission tickets to Kenting National Forest Recreation Area.)

Party Information:

"Party Venue:

Observatory Tower, Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

Featuring DJ:

Special guest Lamech, the producer of Oceanic  Photorespiration Music

Event website:

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Lamech Holistic Education Association


Pingtung Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau

Special Event

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Linbian Interchange on National Hwy. 3

→ Provincial Hwy. 17 → Fangliao → Fonggang → Provincial Hwy. 26

→ Kenting → Follow signs to the forest recreation area.

Public Transportation

Taitung → Provincial Hwy. 9 → Taimali
→ Daren → Fonggang → Provincial Hwy. 26
→ Kenting → Follow signs to the forest recreation area